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I'm Matt Hobby, a comedian in New York City. Thanks for stopping by.
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Meet Ed Snowden. He’s not a bad guy, just not ready to settle down.

New PERIODS. short! Shot on location in Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Definitely in violation of many laws.

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@jennhobby on the screen grabs.

Never have my lips passed such delicious hot drinks between them as now.

@cdramy I think you need to pick this up and hum a few tunes at work.

Having a great time returning some slacks to Banana Republic.

Creamy Victor and @annamartemucci - That’s just a testament to you two.

This mirror sucks. So does this face and hat.

Hurry Up Mary. #WaitingDudes

Sometimes the world just smiles at you. Yes. Yes, I can identify the scat.


People telling the “truth.”

I didn’t know Megan had a tumblr. Auto reblog of everything.